Understanding the Cloud Migration Roadmap

Migration_Art_101Cloud migration can be a daunting task. What are the necessary steps to ease your transition from on-premises to the cloud?

First, you want to decide which applications and workloads you will be migrating. Many factors must be considered before deciding which on-premises applications should be moved to the cloud when considering cloud migration. Here are some general guidelines that we typically encounter in working with healthcare providers. Cloud migration should be considered under the following circumstances:

  • Applications that are not ISO 27001, HIPAA or HITRUST compliant , yet need to be
  • Customer-facing web-or-mobile applications that are operational of in-develpment
  • Applications and OS/database platforms* that are several revisions back and are scheduled for larger scale upgrades (Such as Windows Server/SQL Server or Linux/My SQL)
  • Any on-premises infrastructure that is: limiting application performance, cannot scale up or down as needed, lacks adequate storage, or cannot meet disaster recovery or business continuity needs
  • Any on-premises application/solution which requires additional integration with external PHI/EHR system in a secure manner (i.e. hybrid-cloud solutions)
  • Workloads that can be more efficiently and economically managed in a cloud platform such as backup, date archiving or disaster recovery

Ashley_HIPAAHaving a Complete Migration Plan helps to organize the migration by outlining all aspects of the move, including OS’s, databases, applications and their associated upgrades, licensing considerations, security aspects and pricing. After a pre-migration audit, Project Hosts can create a new HIPAA/HITRUST compliant Azure Cloud in either your subscription, or our own, with the most up-to-date databases and applications, and migrate your data, workloads and configuration settings for you.

For more information about Cloud Migration, contact Project Hosts today.


HIPAA/HITRUST Compliant Clouds

Secure Azure Services

Secure SharePoint on Azure

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

CRM Custom Cloud


PPM Custom Cloud


Remote SharePoint Administrator

Azure Managed Services


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