Federal CIOs, Struggle No Longer – Compliant Managed Cloud Services

In a CIO.com article titled, “5 years into the ‘cloud-first policy’ CIO’s still struggling”, Marlon Andrew, deputy CIO at the National Archives and Records Administration was quoted, saying, “The greatest challenge is not getting a contract in place, but what you find out is where those boundaries cross of who’s now responsible because you’re in a different infrastructure set-up, and what the cloud provider’s going to do versus the contract staff, versus the application support staff versus the infrastructure staff,” Andrews says. “So, that’s the greatest challenge we’re having now is defining roles and responsibilities and who’s going to do what because the world has changed as we’ve known it, and we’ve been client-server for so many years that this is truly a different environment for us.” He continues with this question, “What does the word ‘manage’ mean in a cloud environment.”

It’s a great question, and like so many questions, the answer is “it depends.”   It really depends on the type of cloud solution provider you’re working with, the types or levels of services they offer, and the amount of control they’re willing give you. When it comes to “managing,” Project Hosts offers a range of “managed services”.  From helping or assisting you in your subscription, to co-supporting an environment based on the software layer, to fully managed hosting services.  In this way, you can apply the talent and resources you have where they’re most likely most needed and valued — typically at the application layer where you’ve done custom development or configuration for your software solution. You should consider offloading things like infrastructure, server, platform and networking management to a cloud solutions provider as they can manage and monitor the environment more cost effectively than using your own staff.

In addition, some CSPs, like Project Hosts, offer advanced  management services such as security controls implementation and management to ensure compliancy with regulatory standards.  Project Hosts provides ready-to-run containers that support the necessary security controls including ISO 27001, HIPAA/HITRUST, NIST 800-53, and FedRAMP Moderate, High and DoD CC SRG IL4/5 level with full compliancy. 

So in summary, we provide the managed services to deploy, host, monitor, and maintain your subscription, ensuring ongoing trouble-free operation in a highly secured cloud. Whether you need us to provide managed services for your Azure cloud subscription, or you need us to deploy, host and manage the solution over it’s lifespan using our subscription, rest assured we will secure your cloud.

Click here for more information about FedRAMP SaaS Compliant Solutions.

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