HIPAA/HITRUST Security Containers in Microsoft AZURE

Ashley_LRG_HIPAAGetting and maintaining HIPAA/HITRUST security compliance is at the forefront of the Healthcare industry’s migration from on-premises solutions into the cloud.  Non-compliance can mean criminal and civil penalties reaching upwards of $1.5 Million per incident, per year. Eliminating the risk of exposing ePHI (electronic Protected Health Information) in the cloud with HIPAA/HITRUST Azure Security Containers also eliminates the risk of such penalties.

Project Hosts is a leader in Azure, with more than a decade of expertise in Healthcare security standards and control methodologies. We’re enabling Healthcare providers to move their on-premises apps and workloads into the cloud with full compliance, quickly, cleanly and affordably –  through our Complete Migration Process and Managed Security Services.


Project Hosts’ CISO, Scott Chapman


For a limited time, Project Hosts is offering a one-hour conversation with Project Hosts’ CISO, Scott Chapman, to help healthcare professionals identify potential gas in their current cloud migration and security plans.

You can register here, or contact Project Hosts via email (info@projecthosts.com) to set up your free consultation today.



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