Trump Signs Executive Order that Infuses More Cash into Apprenticeship Programs in the United States

69b82086810047f6ae3f6619ebe3ee2dOn Thursday, June 15 2017, President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, during an event on Apprenticeship and Workforce of Tomorrow initiative. The order calls for more money and a greater private company role in developing apprenticeship programs meant to fill over 6 million open jobs in the United States.

Steve_LTI_OnRAMP-WebApprenticeships used to be much more common in the United States than they are today; helping train young workers for jobs in a wide range of fields. Today, there are far more job opportunities in technology than there are qualified workers. And that is one of the reasons Project Hosts, Inc, started an “OnRamp Program for Cloud Service Engineers”. Approximately six years ago, Scott Chapman and James Flavin, Co-founders of Project Hosts, Inc. found that they had far more work than they had employees. Instead of leaving Conneautville PA, a small town west of Meadville Pa, for a larger city with a deeper talent pool, the company reached out to the Laurel Technical Institute (LTI) in Meadville, that had launched a IT degree program and began their OnRAMP Program. “It’s worth the investment for us to take people who really wanted to be in that area and learn the skill set. It’s worked out very well for us.” – Scott Chapman, CEO and Co-Founder of Project Hosts in a recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article

Project Hosts, Inc. offers the Cloud Service Engineer Apprentice Program for students attending 2-year and 4-year colleges in the western PA region. This program offers the candidate FULLY PAID Microsoft training, testing and certifications as well as a chance at full-time employment after the 90 day program has concluded. The goal of this program is to enable Project Hosts to meet staffing demands for custom cloud-based Microsoft solutions, Azure based application hosting and security compliant cloud solutions by training students in the western PA region.




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