Are Major Cyber Breaches Inevitable in Healthcare?

CyberThreat_GraphicIn an IBM Sponsored survey, the Ponemon Institute’s study found that most organizations surveyed report having had a major breach, making it all but expected that eventually having a cyber incident is a sure thing. The cost of a major cyber incident can cause significant disruption, loss of business as well as significant monetary loss.

While it is expected that hackers will continue to target healthcare networks and systems, there are various steps companies in the industry are taking to improve their cyber security. Today, more Hospitals and Healthcare providers are moving into the cloud. According to Paul Butler at Top Tier Consulting, “In ten years, I think the data centers will be mostly in the cloud”. The cloud is more cost effective and secure with the added convenience of HIPAA Compliant Cloud Service Providers or CSPs.

PrintCompliant CSPs are cloud security experts that ensure your deployment’s compliance with the most rigorous cloud security standards: ISO 27001, HIPAA/HITRUST , FedRAMP moderate and High and FedRAMP DoD CC SRG IL4/5. These clouds are subject to annual penetration testing and certified auditor assessments, removing cyber incidents from your list of concerns.

HIPAA/HITRUST Compliant Clouds

Secure Azure Services

Secure SharePoint on Azure

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

CRM Custom Cloud


PPM Custom Cloud


Remote SharePoint Administrator

Azure Managed Services



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