Not all Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are Created Equally

Scott-Chapman-SecureCloudServicesWhen considering a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to host and/or manage your cloud environment, there are several important questions to consider. Will your CSP improve security? Will your CSP provide an uptime guarantee over 99%? And what kind of customer support can I expect from my CSP?

Security is a service that can be detected through the various compliances a CSP carries. FedRAMP compliance, for instance, takes all of the security requirements government agencies have to follow for their conventional IT systems and “extends those controls specifically for cloud computing,” says Melvin Greer, a chief strategist at Lockheed Martin. More important, “FedRAMP has codified security,” Greer says. “It has detailed what we mean when we say cloud security.” It also makes it easier for acquisition staffs to buy cloud services because “they can be assured services from FedRAMP-approved providers will meet all of their requirements.

Project Hosts, an industry leading CSP, takes great pride in architecting each environment for a customer’s particular business and technology needs, ensuring that your application needs are fully met, and providing your technical team or consulting partner with the access and controls they need. As part of our hosting practice we operate as your virtual IT department and provide the following services.

Hosting Services

  • Supply hosted environment hardware and software or host in your Azure-based environment
  • Provide all software licenses, or purchase application licenses yourself
  • Provision (deliver) the environment; including a portal to simplify user management
  • Add, or provide you or your partner with the control to add Apps, add-ons or custom code
  • Meet and maintain necessary levels of security
  • Ensure 24×7 availability, backed our uptime guarantee of 99.9%
  • Provide 24×7 monitoring and alerts of your environment
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support of hardware
  • Provide ongoing maintenance, support and version management of software
  • Managing all backups and ensuring a full Disaster Recovery plan
  • Provide the human touch with our Person-2-Person Support

persoon-to-person-supportPerson-2-Person support in this day and age is a luxury many companies, in general, no longer provide. Imagine, a renowned services team and technical organization at-the-ready in the event you have problems. The peace of mind that you won’t be dealing with some nameless/faceless web robot, you’ll have a real person respond to you.

Contact Project Host with any questions that you might have regarding a Cloud Service Provider and your particular needs.

Secure Azure Services

Secure SharePoint on Azure

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

CRM Custom Cloud


PPM Custom Cloud


Remote SharePoint Administrator

Azure Managed Services


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