A FedRAMP Compliant Cloud offers Military Grade Data Security for the Public Sector

FedRAMP_Security_NotFedRAMP recently announced the High Security Baseline, allowing Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to provide high-level security environments for federal agencies looking to leverage the cloud. The private sector is now seeking FedRAMP level compliance to protect and secure critical business data and assets.

Enterprise security professionals are now requiring a commercial FedRAMP compliant cloud solution that can not only protect their critical data assets but also protect:

  • Information about mid-range to long-range strategic plans
  • Information that includes IP (Intellectual Property) and researching findings
  • Information that could lead to lost sales
  • Information that could lead to financial or regulatory penalties
  • Information that could result in severe damage to the company’s value or reputation

Project Hosts Federal Private Clouds

The the rise of public cloud security breaches, protecting ones critical data assets with a FedRAMP compliant cloud solution in Azure is a simple assurance of true security. Private enterprises are now defining their “information security levels” and specifying the level of security required for each of their cloud-based applications an associated data. In the same fashion that FedRAMP classifies information security levels for confidentiality, integrity and availability into “low impact,” “moderate impact,” and “high-impact,” categories, private enterprises are doing the same.

SharePoint Custom Cloud

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

CRM Custom Cloud


PPM Custom Cloud


Remote SharePoint Administrator

Azure Managed Services




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