Dedicated or Multi-Tenant in Azure?

Azure is an exceptional cloud platform that lets you spin-up new Windows Server-based application deployments with minimal effort.

For many companies moving to Azure, the question of a Dedicated vs Multi-Tenant server environment is a key consideration. While all Azure platforms have great physical security within their data centers, Dedicated servers offer additional security, performance and customization.

 Here are a few points to consider when contemplating one over the other:

Dedicated Servers and assets perform slightly better than a multi-tenant server, due to the limited traffic using the resources.

Patching and Maintenance occur on your timelines and windows when on a dedicated server, allowing for predictive and controlled down times.

Privileged access is another benefit of being on a dedicated server.

As in any farm, a dedicated server allows for a greater range of customization to one’s deployment as well as the added security of IP Restrictions and Traffic White-listing, tailored to your company and users.


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