SharePoint 2016 and Project Server 2016 Private Cloud Upgrade Programs With Enhanced Security

SharePoint2016-upgrade-programAt the Microsoft 2016 Envision Conference this morning we announced upgrade programs for SharePoint 2016 and Project Server 2016 private clouds with enhanced security controls. ISVs, enterprise organizations, and government agencies can now take advantage of the new capabilities that these latest releases offer without sacrificing the security, customization and personal support they require.

The upgrade programs provide a quick and convenient path to the future with the integrated security customers need to protect their business and employee data from unauthorized access and theft. Customers can choose the level of security they deem necessary, while also complying with today’s most rigorous industry security standards including Department of Defense IL4, FedRAMP, NIST 800-53 and ISO 27001+.”

ProjectServer2016-upgrade-programThe SharePoint 2016 upgrade program and Project Server 2016 upgrade program take a strategic and holistic approach when moving an older 2010 or 2013 deployment into a brand new cloud. The upgrade process includes the development of a SharePoint or PPM 2016 CMP (Complete Migration Plan) that includes all aspects of the move that need to be taken into consideration. These include:

  1. Pre-Migration Audit — We’ll perform the necessary audit to highlight all the critical elements of your existing deployment including data/content, applications add-ons, configurations, reports, workflow and other critical aspects.
  2. Choose Your Cloud — From the initial audit, we’ll recommend the best type of cloud architecture for your deployment — with the right type of built-in security for today’s business and government agencies.
  3. Develop A Complete Migration Plan — We’ll present you with a Complete Migration Plan that outlines all aspects of the move, including databases, applications & their associated upgrades, licensing considerations, security aspects and pricing.
  4. Make The Move — We’ll build a new SharePoint 2016 / Project Server 2016 dedicated cloud, with the most up-to-date databases and applications, and migrate your data/content and any configuration settings. Project Hosts typically performs multiple test migrations to resolve any issues in advance of a full production migration.
  5. Post Migration Analysis — After the move, and your SharePoint 2016 / Project Server 206 site is up and running, we’ll be there to help answer any questions, apply fixes if necessary and deliver our Person-2-Person support services.

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