DHS top 5 Cyber-security recommendations

PrivateCLoudGraphicDuring Microsoft Envision 2016, Andy Ozment, Assistant Secretary for Cyber-security and Communications for the US Department of Homeland Security gave a talk along with Bret Aresnault, Chief Information Security Officer of Microsoft.

Bret brought up the fact that cyber crime is now double the size of the worldwide drug trade.

In the face of this rising threat, Andy had 5 top recommendations for the security experts in attendance:

1) Use multi-factor authentication

2) Make sure to enforce a policy of least privilege – only provide access to those who need

3) Segment networks – don’t put everything into one large network

4) Use application whitelists that only allow approved executables to run on servers

5) Keep your patching up to date

MSEnv_BB_250x250_01He also highly recommended adopting the cyber-security framework that is a the heart of NIST security controls, including the 261 controls in the NIST 800-53 Moderate baseline, the 325 controls in the FedRAMP Moderate baseline, and the 369 controls in the FedRAMP+ DISA IL4 baseline.

Good recommendations.


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