Applications Support and Integration, a PPM Private Cloud Advantage

Many healthcare customers have numerous software development projects underway for instituting electronic medical records or insurance payment processing.  They require Microsoft Team Foundation Server (or a similar tool) linked to PPM in order to keep project tasks in sync with more granular development tasks and source code control.  In other cases, developers develop industry or functional apps directly for a customer to match their particular business processes, and these custom apps require integration into the PPM platform. This kind of tight integration with “full trust apps” is not currently available for Public Cloud solutions, but it is the norm for Private Cloud solutions.

When it comes to choosing a public or private cloud for Microsoft Project Server you have a choice. Your success depends not only on a strong solutions architecture, but on a rich set of applications that are tuned for your business, and backed by the app provider. Working with leading app providers, we extend standard cloud app capabilities by offering:

  • Public Cloud services, plus:
  • Full trust code for 3rd party and Microsoft add-on apps
  • Custom Web Parts
  • OS and DB admin access privileges on dedicated servers
  • Hybrid Solutions (off-site to on-premise); VPN to on-premise
  • Person-2-Person Customer Support

Cloud_ApplicationsFor example, Several customers we have with Pcubed are manufacturers which use PPM to develop new products.  These customers utilize PTC’s PPMLink application as a part of their deployment to ensure that their project management processes are tightly integrated with their product lifecycle management processes.  Here’s an article about how Pcubed customers use Private Clouds.

SharePoint Custom Cloud

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

CRM Custom Cloud


PPM Custom Cloud


Remote SharePoint Administrator

Azure Managed Services


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