Service Launched by Project Hosts

Yesterday we announced the service.  A new online service that helps companies define, manage and document the process of securing their company’s information system, protect their business and employees’ privacy, and achieve their ISO 27001 certification. For additional information please visit the site.


“The ISMScloud provides a best practices approach to manage the ISO certification process using standard ISO controls,” said Erez Avidan-Antonir, COO of Project Hosts. “It follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle methodology through a centralized and intelligent, yet easy-to-use Information Security Management System (ISMS). But the real value of the service is that it gives companies a ready-made process and methodology so they can actually secure and protect their information systems.”

The ISMScloud provides a single, efficient, organized and systemic environment that can reduce the number of staff to create the necessary business processes and documentation required to achieve certification. The ISMScloud is an ideal productivity tool for gaining your first time ISO certification as well as for re-certifying.

Follow this link to the ISMScloud service overview.

The service can help your company:


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