You’re hosting your own environment through Azure, now what?

Azure-Managed-Services2By leveraging an Azure IaaS or PaaS cloud platform you can quickly create a windows server environment with minimal effort and trust that the infrastructure (servers/storage/network) and platform (operating system/database) elements will be available 24×7. But once servers are spun up, application management services are still needed.

While you can assign your own software engineering and IT support staff to provide these services, it may take time and effort to train-up your personnel to perform the Security Management, Deployment Optimization and Support Services highlighted below. Project Hosts, a recognized Cloud Services Provider (CSP) for both Azure and private cloud environments, has the critical expertise and support staff to assist with the continuous monitoring and optimization of your Azure deployment.

azure-managed-servicesWhen a deployment is first architected for Azure, it is optimized and updated for its initial and originally intended usage scenario. As time passes, deployments are typically modified to meet additional needs and as such require additional updates and re-optimization:

Continuous Monitoring
Update and Patch
Architecture Optimization
Database and Application
Third Party Application
Backup and Restore
Disaster Recovery

For more information on Azure Managed Services click on the following links:
Azure Managed Services

Azure Managed Services Pricing


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