The Power of BI Reporting through Project Hosts’ SSRS Report Enabler

ssrs-custom-cloudProject Online users are currently burdened with the task of manually collecting information from a number of sources and reentering this data, or utilizing other processes typically outside of their direct control. This is the very reason that Project Hosts developed the SSRS Report Enabler. With the SSRS Report Enabler, organizations and government agencies using Office 365 can now create Business Intelligence (BI) reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services  (SSRS) and Analysis Services (SSAS). The user experience is as seamless as clicking a link in Project Online, giving them a view of SSRS and/or SSAS powered reports of the Project Online data, without any additional logins.


Leader_in_CCThis is the perfect example of the value associated with hybrid cloud computing. The SSRS Report Enabler integrates two cloud services. The service uses SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) over ODate to periodically export data from a customer’s online tenant to a dedicated SQL Server that is running both SSRS and SSAS. Report developers are given admin access to SSIS, SSRS and SSAS so that they can decide which data to pull from their Office 365 database, build OLAP cubes and write SSRS reports.

The purpose of the SSRS Report Enabler was well illustrated in this clip from Project Conference 2014.

SharePoint Custom Cloud

SharePoint FedRAMP Cloud

SharePoint Custom Cloud

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

CRM Custom Cloud


PPM Custom Cloud


Remote SharePoint Administrator

Azure Managed Services



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