“ISV FedRAMP Program” for Azure #Gov_Cloud Enables ISVs to Deliver Their Applications from a @FedRAMP SaaS-Compliant Cloud

Project Hosts Federal Private Clouds

Project Hosts Federal Private Clouds

Today at the Microsoft 2015 Government Cloud Forum in Washington DC we announced a new ISV FedRAMP Program that enables Microsoft ISVs to deliver their applications as an Azure Gov cloud service that meets the FedRAMP SaaS-level security controls. The new program is immediately available to ISVs that must adhere to the hundreds of SaaS-level security controls in FedRAMP in order to sell to US Federal and State agencies.

“ISVs with applications targeted to federal government agencies can work with Project Hosts to provide their solution in a FedRAMP SaaS-compliant Azure Gov cloud,” said Michael Batt, Director Government Cloud Partner Programs, Microsoft Corp. “This program utilizes Project Hosts’ FedRAMP SaaS-compliant status and expertise in Azure and can significantly reduce both the time and expense it would take ISVs to secure FedRAMP SaaS compliancy on their own.”

By joining the program and aligning with Project Hosts, ISVs can sell their add-on solutions to U.S. federal and state agencies that require a FedRAMP SaaS-level compliant cloud service.  The program:

  • Fast-tracks ISVs into the Azure Gov cloud – the emerging cloud standard for both federal and state U.S. government agencies
  • Enables ISVs to be selling to US Government Agencies – typically within 3 months of joining the program
  • Creates a ready-made community – an ecosystem of FedRAMP SaaS compliant applications on the Azure Gov platform

azure_logoThe ISV FedRAMP Program utilizes Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud solution platform in a Azure Gov Cloud and incorporates Windows Server, Windows SQL Server database, SharePoint collaboration platform, Dynamics CRM, Project Server, Team Foundation Server (TFS),  Remote Desktop and a host of third party ISV applications and add-ons.





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