Managed Cloud Services Through a Cloud Service Provider Builds Trust and Control in the Cloud

Azure-Managed-Services2Okay, so you’re a forward thinking organization and have decided to take advantage of the lower IT cost associated with a move to the cloud; now what? Often, when moving to the cloud, you and your IT staff are left to navigate this new venture on your own. With Managed Cloud Services provided by a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like Project Hosts, you not only benefit from Cloud Hosting Expertise, but from years of hosting the enterprise software you use everyday.

Whether your SharePoint, Project Server or Dynamics CRM is in a private cloud, public cloud or in your own Azure Cloud, rely on the experts. Managed Cloud Services provides application focused support as well as cloud integration, giving your IT team a single point of contact for your new environment. While Azure takes care of the physical security of the data center, it is up to you to secure and restrict access to your own virtual servers/subnets.

RemoteSPAdminServcs_ArtWhen working with a public cloud, you lose some control as you’re using a shared infrastructure, minimizing customization, prompting some organizations to either go with a private custom cloud, or stay on-premise. As needs change overtime, even on-premise deployments require modifications such as additional updates, re-optimization and disaster recovery. If your organization uses a public cloud, Project Hosts’ managed cloud service agents can still leverage the public cloud based resources for your team, while also providing Remote SharePoint or Project Server Administrator Services.

Remote SharePoint Administrator

Remote SharePoint Administrator Pricing

Azure Managed Services

Azure Managed Services Pricing


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