Pricing Made Easy for Hosted PPM, CRM and SharePoint as well as Cloud Managed Services at

SP_PriceConfiguratorProject Hosts helps you shop against your budget by offering you direct access to their PPM, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM Price Configurator at: No one knows better than you, how many users you expect to use their services. You know the level of security you require or if FedRAMP Compliance is necessary.

Now you can take your time and click through the Price Configurator for full details and options, including details on user types (PWA/Pro for Project), shared, virtual or physical dedicated servers, server memory, user storage, large > 1,000 user deployments, customer and hosting provider proved Microsoft licenses or self provided licenses.

P2P_CustomCloud_cntrdIf you need assistance as you go through the Price Configurator, call or email their sales team for hassle free assistance. And as always, Project Hosts’ Person-2-Person support is ready to prove to you why they are considered an industry leader in customer service.

PPM Commercial Pricing

PPM FedRAMP Pricing

CRM Commercial Pricing

CRM FedRAMP Pricing

SharePoint Commercial Pricing

SharePoint FedRAMP Pricing

Remote SharePoint Admin Pricing


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