National Cyber Security Awareness Month Sheds Light on a Growing Concern

SecureCoudGraphicOctober is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The fact that we observe such a month speaks volumes about how cyber security has become a necessity in our well ‘connected’ world. As more individuals, companies and government agencies become reliant on the internet, vulnerability to malicious attacks and security threats increase. There are various options in resolving this growing concern. Practicing good online habits and keeping your security software updated is a great way to improve your security.

Dedicated_SolutionsIf you are a part of the growing cloud solutions customer base, you can ensure the highest standards are in place in your Private Cloud by simply contacting your Cloud Service Provider or CSP.  Public and Hybrid Cloud users can benefit from Cloud Managed Services, which would help you increase the security in your environment through customer-defined security audits, password policies and access restrictions limited to your defined IP ranges only. More cloud environments are being built on Azure, an exceptional cloud platform that lets you spin-up new Windows Server-based application deployments with minimal effort. Many Azure users are finding that the security for their environments falls on the user, which is another reason that companies are opting for Cloud Managed Services like Azure Managed Services available through Project Hosts.

State, Local and Federal Agencies require an even higher security standard such as FedRAMP compliance, ISO, HIPAA and NIST certifications. Project Hosts was recently awarded a GSA Schedule 70 contract, making Project Hosts the first CSP to be awarded a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract under the new SIN or Special Item Number 132-40 Cloud Services. Now Federal Agencies are able to locate a CSP with the necessary compliances to manage their cloud solutions and relieving their cyber security concerns.

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Azure Managed Services

SharePoint Custom Cloud

SharePoint FedRAMP Cloud

SharePoint Custom Cloud

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

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