Azure Managed Services and Remote Administrative Services served up by new Account Execs at Project Hosts

We’re excited to announce that we’ve brought two new account executives on board to focus on supporting enterprise customers with our new Managed Services and our Custom Cloud Hosting services. This week we’re welcoming Rachael and Regis, both of whom have joined the sales team at Project Hosts. Rachael and Regis are meeting the needs of enterprise IT organizations for Managed Services in the customer’s own Azure-based subscription for SharePoint, Project Server or Dynamics CRM. They are also supporting enterprise IT departments and in-house SharePoint administrative teams by offering additional, remote support staff to meet the growing demand for SharePoint user management, application support and configuration services across on-prem, public and private SharePoint deployments.  You can reach Rachael and Regis at

Here’s a little more about our new Managed Services offerings –

azure-managed-servicesAzure is an exceptional cloud platform that enterprises can use to spin-up new Windows Server-based application deployments with minimal effort.  Some enterprise organizations however, lack the cloud expertise and IT staff necessary to ensure that their Azure-based SaaS deployments deliver the most secure, high performance, 24×7 trouble-free operation with full user support services. Project Hosts’ Azure Managed Services fills the current gap that many enterprise IT organizations have in managing their Azure deployments – including Application Security Management, Continuous Monitoring & Performance Optimization, and User Support. Project Hosts is directly applying its more than 12 years of Microsoft hosting and cloud services for SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Project Server and dozens of third party add-ons and applications to help solve this problem, and relieve enterprises of what’s considered a time-consuming and costly endeavor.  Find out more at Azure Managed Services.

remote-administrator-servicesAnnounced at Ignite 2015, our SharePoint Administrative Service fills the current gap that many organizations have in managing their SharePoint environment, thus preventing their users from adopting and realizing the full value of this powerful collaborative platform. Our Remote SharePoint Administrator service includes three essential services: SharePoint user management, SharePoint application support and SharePoint configuration services.  Find out more at Remote SharePoint Administrator Services.


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