FedRAMP Compliant CSP for SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Project Server provides greater security

FedRAMP_Security_Not“Project Hosts is the first Cloud Service Provider to have demonstrated compliance with the rev4 FedRAMP baseline,” said Matt Goodrich, FedRAMP Director, GSA. “Through the CSP supplied path, Project Hosts’ environment was assessed by a FedRAMP-accredited 3APO confirming the completion of the FedRAMP Security Assessment Framework, paving the way for Project Hosts’ customer to grant their Agency ATOs.”

Today’s enterprises and government agencies are migrating to the cloud, saving thousands in internal IT expenses, as well as finding better security standards. With an ISO 27001 certification and FedRAMP compliance, Project Hosts has positioned themselves in the market as a leader in secure Private and FedRAMP Cloud offerings. Going the extra mile to acquire security certs like ISO and FedRAMP has proven to be of benefit to Project Hosts, as more State and Local agencies are requiring higher security standards, such as FedRAMP.

“By achieving FedRAMP compliance at the SaaS level for Microsoft SharePoint, Project, TFS and CRM, we are removing a huge IT burden and expense for any government agency considering building their own FedRAMP or FISMA compliant deployment,” said Scott Chapman, CEO and Co-Founder of Project Hosts, Inc. “FedRAMP SaaS compliance at the Moderate impact level means that we have fully implemented all of the 326 unique security controls required to achieve this standard, unlike IaaS FedRAMP certified platforms which only fully implement around 70 controls, leaving it up to each agency to implement the remaining 78% of the security controls.”

SharePoint FedRAMP Cloud





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