Cloud first initiative drives the Government’s CRM and all enterprise software into the FedRAMP Cloud

With over 12 years of experience in delivering SaaS solutions, Project Hosts is a U.S. Government Registered Small Business and CSP that provides FedRAMP SaaS compliant Dynamics CRM Cloud to Federal and State Agencies. Federal agencies have the same enterprise software needs as the commercial market, but they must fall within Government guidelines when selecting a provider of such software. With the cloud first initiative enacted in 2014, all Government Agencies are asked to move their software and data management into the cloud, improving IT flexibility and responsiveness and minimizing cost.

Through this Cloud First Initiative, internal IT is made simpler and more productive. Cloud computing provides an indirect benefit of productivity to all services in the IT stack. For example, less effort will be required to stand up and test environments since the CSP will now be handling the task. This enables internal IT departments to focus on more mission critical solutions.

projecthosts-woman_M2MIn addition to hosting  CRM, PPM and SharePoint FedRAMP SaaS-level cloud solutions, we also provide  support and assistance to Government agency IT organizations in moving their on-premise applications into a FedRAMP compliant data-center environment. This includes architecting the necessary FedRAMP compliant data center environment, ensuring that the hundreds of additional security controls are in place, and directly supporting the transition of the application into the data center.

Azure Managed Services

SharePoint FedRAMP Cloud




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