Project Portfolio Management (PPM) on a Custom Cloud, offers Greater Cloud Security and other Essential Benefits

project-server2013-custom-cloud-business-man2Project Hosts’ PPM Custom Cloud is a fully integrated solution built on SharePoint, Project Server 2013 / 2010, SharePoint and SQL Server that can integrate any of the industry-leading applications from our PPM partner ecosystem. We offer a range of Project Management cloud solutions including: PPM Custom Cloud, Project Server in a FedRAMP Cloud and Brightwork Online. No matter which one you choose you’ll benefit from a cloud solution that delivers the accessibility, security, reliability, and built-in scalability you need, and at a price that you can afford.

Below is a short list of services you get from a Custom Cloud that you will not find in a Public Cloud.

Security: Not only are Custom Cloud data centers SSAE 16 certified, we also offer dedicated options for servers, domains and networks.
FedRAMP SaaS Compliant, Custom Defined Security Policies, Access from defined IP addresses only, Private Customer Network, Customer Vulnerability Assessments.

Advanced Real-Time reporting and BI:
Direct Database Access for Reports, SSIS integration

Person-2-Person Customer Support: When you need to talk to someone in a hurry, we’re available “In Person” with a published call back time.
Support via email, phone or web inquiry, Published support turnaround times based on severity.

biggestguns_HiResBuilt-in Business Flexibility:
Support for Customer/Partner Hosting Agreements, Ability to request changes to Hosting agreement, Customer/Partner can choose when to upgrade application/system software versions and Customer can migrate on-premise to Cloud; and Customer can migrate from Cloud to on-premise at a later date.

Click here for a more in-depth comparison.

Our PPM Custom Cloud solution is the number one choice for most of our clients, but if your business doesn’t need this level of customization, or a Microsoft Project Server-based platform, then you may want to consider one of the other options in our family of Cloud-based Project Management services. Read about the Top 10 Reasons why partners and customers choose Project Hosts’ as their preferred hosting provider.

Custom Cloud Advantage

PPM Custom Cloud




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