Project Hosts expands into SharePoint Managed Cloud Services

RemoteSPAdminServcs_ArtFor over a decade, Project Hosts, Inc. has provided hosting and infrastructure services for enterprises and government agencies using SharePoint. From installing and configuring to maintaining SQL Server Databases, Project Hosts has managed the transition from On-Premise environments to hosted deployments, making for a seamless experience. With a growing demand for SharePoint Administrator services, Project Hosts is now filling the gap that many organizations have in managing their SharePoint environment.

Project Hosts’ Remote SharePoint Administrator Services offers 3 levels of support to help your organization better utilize all that SharePoint has to offer as a software.

The Basic User Management service covers:

  • Provisioning new users that are authorized by the customer lean admin
  • Disabling users that are no longer part of the organization
  • Adding users to security groups based on the permissions that they require
  • Modifying permissions of users that have changed roles
  • Resetting passwords for users
  • Notifying users of scheduled maintenance windows and security patches

Core SharePoint Support Services:

  • Building new list based on the attributes of an existing list
  • Provisioning a new site from templates
  • Training on access or use functionality within SharePoint
  • Managing patches and maintenance

Advanced Configuration Service (Please click here for more on Advanced Services)

biggestguns_HiResProject Hosts, Inc. is a leading provider of managed cloud services for Microsoft SharePoint solutions and third-party software add-ons. Enterprises, state and federal government agencies and ISVs rely on Project Hosts to deploy, configure, secure and manage their SharePoint solutions in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Project Hosts enables organizations to harness more power from their cloud by providing advanced security, including FedRAMP, tightly integrated third-party add-on applications, cross-cloud integration, managed services for a customer’s on-premise or in-Azure deployment, along with dedicated private cloud hosting services; all backed  by Project Hosts’ renowned Person-2-Person support services.

SharePoint Custom Cloud

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud


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