Public Cloud Safety Concerns are not the Concerns of a Project Hosts Dedicated Private Cloud

Dedicated_SolutionsNot all clouds are created equal. Public Clouds and Dedicated Private Clouds, and their underlying architectures differ in many ways. One area that is of critical interest to all buyers is cloud security, and how it differs based on the type of cloud deployment you choose.

For example, when considering the security of a public cloud, take into consideration the words of Azure CTO Mark Russinovich. “We are in the third era of computing – the cloud and mobile era – but security considerations on cloud are still not widely understood. It is important to address the public cloud security concerns to facilitate its adoption,” Russinovich told delegates at the annual IP Expo 2014 in London.  Russinovich went on to list 10 security concerns typical to public cloud services.

These specific security concerns of the public cloud are not as prevalent with a Dedicated Private Cloud solution from Project Hosts.  To save a little time, we’ll just take a look at a couple of the concerns on his list. A closer look at the Dedicated, “Custom Cloud” Advantage can be found here.

“Shared technology vulnerabilities” is the first listed concern in the public cloud.  With a dedicated hosted SharePoint, Dynamic CRM or Project Server environment with Project Hosts, your environment is isolated from other customers on a dedicated server, housing only your company’s data.

Another risk mentioned by Mr. Russinovich is the “Insecure interface and APIs”. Azure offers a very powerful and large Application Program Interface (API), which adds both a benefit to developers and the risk of hacks. Access to Project Hosts’ API is restricted from public access and limited to the customer’s deployment, therefore significantly mitigating the likelihood of a security breach.

Take a look at Mr. Russinovich’s list here and feel free to contact Project Hosts at: with any questions about your security concerns and we will show you a solution that will help you sleep at night.

Custom Cloud Advantage

SharePoint Custom Cloud

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

CRM Custom Cloud


PPM Custom Cloud



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