State and Local Government Agencies see the benefit of going with FedRAMP Compliant CSPs

FedRAMP_Security_NotWhile state and local government agencies are not required to adhere to the federal government’s “Cloud First” initiative, many are now requesting FedRAMP standards be met for their cloud deployments.

The reason: it’s a combination of both economics and security. FedRAMP SaaS-compliant solutions allow agencies to eliminate the significant cost associated with establishing and maintaining a high-degree of cloud security; the GSA notes that it can save 30-40% of government costs for cloud computing.

And when it comes to cloud security standards, you can’t do much better than FedRAMP and its 325 unique security controls.

Project Hosts offers two types of cloud solutions: our commercial custom clouds for enterprise customers, and FedRAMP compliant clouds for state and federal government agencies.

FedRAMP_Mark_colorFor a full list of FedRAMP applications, click here, or give us a quick call and we’ll get things started.

FedRAMP SharePoint Cloud

FedRAMP Dynamics CRM Cloud

FedRAMP Project Server Cloud


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