Person-2-Person Support helps Project Hosts avoid the most common complaints of customer service

persoon-to-person-supportAccording to a study performed by Open Access BPO, the 4 most common customer service complaints are as follows:

  1. No follow-up to customer questions.
  2. Experiencing multiple transfers
  3. Unmatched expectations
  4. Unfulfilled agent promises

They sum up their findings with a quote about Customer Service never being perfect. While perfection is a relative term, we have a solution that works. Project Hosts offers a unique Person-2-Person™ support services; meaning our customers communicate with our support staff, based in our US offices via phone or email. There’s no reason to transfer because our staff is well versed in the support we offer.

We cover the security, availability and performance of the applications we host (Project Server, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM). We also support general application functionality as intended by the developer of the application, including the Microsoft application platform and third-party add-ons. These are all reasonable expectations from a premier cloud services provider, making it quite simple to deliver.

“We are very, very pleased with Project Hosts’ PPM Custom Cloud service. Their quality of service and personalized support has allowed AutoTrader to fully meet our Project and Portfolio Management needs, and with only one internal IT person allocated at 50%. We think of Project Hosts as our virtual IT department – managing our PPM infrastructure while assuring world-class availability and uptime.”
– Donna Woodruff Director of IT Planning and Governance, AutoTrader

sharepoint-admin-servicesProject Hosts has recently taken Customer Service to another level by offering Remote SharePoint Admin Services for Companies and Government agencies who are finding it difficult to effectively implement and maintain their On-Premise or Hosted SharePoint environments. You can find more information on this service here.

Custom Cloud Advantage

SharePoint Custom Cloud

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud

CRM Custom Cloud


PPM Custom Cloud



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