Not all Clouds are created equal – Project Hosts’ explains the FedRAMP Cloud

projecthosts-woman_M2MWhen it comes to clouds, not all clouds are created equal. Some Clouds lock-out solution providers from accessing core database capabilities and other administrative controls, making it difficult for them to give their customers the experience they expect. Then there are FedRAMP Compliant Clouds.

FedRAMP compliant Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have demonstrated the necessary security controls to provide Federal Government agencies with services that keep them inline with the “Cloud First” initiative. In order to provide agencies a SaaS level cloud environment such as Project Server, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, the CSP must have 100% of the 325 controls in place, like Project Hosts“Project Hosts is the first Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to have demonstrated compliance with the rev4 FedRAMP baseline.” Matt Goodrich, FedRAMP Director at GSA.

PH_FedRAMPComplianceThere are CSPs currently bidding on government hosting contracts without FedRAMP compliance; you should know the difference. For a complete list of the FedRAMP SaaS Compliant Clouds, please refer to this page: FedRAMP Compliant Systems- CSP Supplied Packages

Learn more about Project Hosts’ FedRAMP SaaS-Compliant Clouds here. 

FedRAMP SharePoint Cloud

FedRAMP Dynamics CRM Cloud

FedRAMP Project Server Cloud


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