Professional SharePointeers are hard to find, and even harder to retain

RemoteSPAdminServcs_ArtCorporations and Government Agencies are finding it difficult to locate quality SharePoint Administrators to manage and operate their SharePoint environment. Perhaps just as disheartening is the fact that once a company finds a quality administrator, demand for such personnel leads to high turnover in the position.

As a leading provider of SharePoint Custom Cloud services for SharePoint solutions, Project Hosts is meeting the need for advanced SharePoint administration and management services that are in high demand by large enterprises and government agencies. The Remote SharePoint Administrator service fills the current gap that many organizations have in managing their SharePoint environment, thus preventing their users from adopting and realizing the full value of this powerful collaborative platform.

Supported Deployments:

On Premise SharePoint Deployment (Versions 2013, 2010 & 2007)

Microsoft SharePoint Online (Public Cloud, Current Version)

Microsoft SharePoint Online (FedRAMP Public Cloud, Current Version)

Project Hosts SharePoint Custom Cloud (Dedicated Clouds; 2013, 2010)

Project Hosts SharePoint FedRAMP Cloud (FedRAMP Compliant; 2013, 2010)

SharePoint Custom Cloud

Share Point FedRAMP Cloud


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