Project Hosts’ Custom Cloud offers a more secure and cost effective SharePoint Solution

SharePoint_CustomCloudMicrosoft SharePoint offers enterprises and government agencies an internally facing intranet site that allows everyone in the organization to sign in and see announcements, schedule tasks, find news and share data in one central location. With a Project Hosts SharePoint Custom Cloud solution, you can deliver all the advantages of a highly-tuned, on-premise SharePoint solution, but with the ease, flexibility and lower operating costs of a cloud-based offering.

A Custom Cloud enables you to:

Define the solution architecture that best fits your business model and SharePoint application

Install custom software on top of SharePoint to create a solution that meets your customer’s exact needs

Access and directly control key elements of your SharePoint solution at the administrator level

Resell your defined Custom Cloud SharePoint solution to your customers (even under your own brand name)

Receive Person-2-Person™ support from Project Hosts to assure your solution’s success

SP_PriceConfiguratorWith our SharePoint Custom Cloud, we extend the capabilities and customizations of a “Standard Cloud”, and give you the following advantages: direct admin control within the cloud, dedicated solutions IT architecture, support for custom code and 3rd party application integration, specific security requirements and customized real-time reporting. Project Hosts’ SharePoint Custom Clouds are backed by our renowned Person-2-Person support and business flexibility.

Follow this link for a summary of our Custom Cloud Advantages.

SharePoint Commercial Cloud Solution

SharePoint Federal Cloud Solution


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