Nintex Workflow Solutions Are Now Available As a FedRAMP Compliant Cloud Service

ProjectHosts-Nintex-FedRAMPToday, Nintex, the global standard in workflow automation, announced that is has partnered with Project Hosts, a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), to deliver Nintex Workflow solutions in a FedRAMP SaaS-level compliant cloud. U.S. government agencies in need of a workflow automation solution to streamline processes, ensure process compliance and increase information accuracy can immediately gain access to the Nintex Workflow cloud service deployed on a Microsoft SharePoint system that complies with all FedRAMP rev4 Moderate security controls.  The full release can be found at this link.

“Having Nintex Workflow solutions available in a FedRAMP-compliant cloud is a significant milestone for our company,” said John Burton, CEO of Nintex. “By complying with the U.S. government’s Cloud First initiative and FedRAMP program through our partner Project Hosts, we can now help federal agencies improve employee collaboration and workflow processes while also saving time and money.”

Project Hosts’ provides Microsoft SharePoint, Project Server and Dynamics CRM cloud services that are FedRAMP compliant at the SaaS level, supporting 100% of the security controls required to meet this standard. Project Hosts’ FedRAMP Solutions allow agencies to eliminate the significant cost associated with establishing and maintaining compliance for solutions built on premise or on IaaS architectures that only cover around 25% of the required FedRAMP security controls. Project Hosts also offers programs to assist ISVs , such as Nintex, and Agencies deliver their solutions in a FedRAMP compliant cloud.

Project Hosts FedRAMP Information

Project Hosts FedRAMP SharePoint Cloud

Project Hosts FedRAMP Project Server Cloud

Project Hosts FedRAMP Dynamics CRM Cloud



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