Project Hosts takes their FedRAMP Compliant, Hosted Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics message to Microsoft Ignite 2015 in Chicago

MeetingAfter a successful show at Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta, Project Hosts will be taking the positive experience in a primarily Dynamics space, to Microsoft Ignite with a similar message of SaaS level FedRAMP compliance for SharePoint. In addition to providing FedRAMP SaaS Solutions for agencies in need of Private or Community Clouds, Project Hosts offers programs to assist ISVs and Agencies implement and achieve their own FedRAMP compliant offerings.

By partnering with Project Hosts, SharePoint Consultants can get their own “Authority To Operate” credentials, allowing them to target Federal Agencies going to the cloud with their SharePoint environments. Our FedRAMP Solution Authorization Program also benefits ISVs and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), who partner with Project Hosts to get their specific Application Solution compliant with FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) standards.

Scott-Chapman-FedRAMPIf you are interested in meeting with CEO and Co-Founder of Project Hosts, Scott Chapmen, please email JoAnn Schwerthofer at:

FedRAMP SharePoint Custom Clouds

FedRAMP Dynamic CRM Custom Clouds

FedRAMP SaaS-level Private and Community Clouds.

FedRAMP Project Sever Custom Clouds


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