Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta GA, proves valuable to Project Hosts and all attendees in the Microsoft Dynamics space

The view of Atlanta's Skyline from the ADX Studio "Geek" Rooftop Party

The view of Atlanta’s Skyline from the ADX Studio “Geek” Rooftop Party

On the first day of the event, prior to the doors opening on the EXPO floor, Project Hosts was visited by a Microsoft Partner, making early rounds so that he could, “Experience a moment with more people in the industry”. Convergence, rebranded as their “Premier Business Event”, offers just that, an opportunity to converse, face to face, with individuals that make up the industry. While the EXPO floor is always abuzz with people sharing ideas and pitching products, Microsoft created opportunities away from the show floor for Dynamics professionals to converse in more casual settings.

The show opened with a strong keynote message about empowering people and the innovation of people, “because it is the people who drive business success”. On the evening of opening day, a Microsoft Partner ADX Studio hosted an event allowing individuals to step out from behind their bullet points and pitches to mingle a top a scenic Atlanta rooftop overlooking Atlanta’s impressive skyline. There, partners, customers and ISVs talked shop and life, building relationships that will follow them home and into a future of growing opportunities.

Convergence Celebration features One Republic

Convergence Celebration features One Republic

By the third night of the event, relationships were forged and Microsoft Convergence 2015 attendees gathered at Philips Arena to enjoy an incredibly entertaining One Republic concert. The concert allowed Project Hosts’ and other Microsoft Partners the opportunity to continue their conversations about FedRAMP, Dynamics CRM and ERP opportunities in 2015. They shared both personal stories and business ventures with people eager to share the same. The information gathered from the various sessions and the individuals making up the community has proven to present more opportunities than we originally imagined.


Dynamics CRM Custom Cloud

Dynamics CRM FedRAMP Cloud

Dynamics CRM Custom Cloud Pricing Examples

Dynamics CRM FedRAMP Cloud Pricing Examples

FedRAMP SaaS-level Private and Community Clouds.



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