Microsoft Convergence 2015 – Getting Dynamics Partners and ISVs Into a FedRAMP Cloud #CONV15 #MSDYNCRM #CRMUG


Visit us in booth #1745

Our Sales and Marketing team is at Microsoft Convergence 2015 showcasing our FedRAMP Solutions for Dynamics ISVs and Customers. We’re the only Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Service Provider that is offering FedRAMP SaaS-Compliant dedicated cloud solutions for Dynamics ISVs and Customers. If you are at the show, swing by our booth #1745 and discover how as a Dynamics ISVs you can partner with Project Hosts to serve U.S. Federal and State Government Agencies.

If you are at Microsoft Convergence 2015 and want to meet with our CEO and Co-Founder to discuss Dynamics FedRAMP Clouds, please email (include “meet CEO at Convergence” in the title of your email please).


Microsoft Convergence 2015 Keynote Address given by Satya Nadella – Click to watch.

The U.S. government launched the “Cloud-first” initiative in 2011, and mandated its implementation via FedRAMP in 2014 —  this means that U.S. Government agencies are now required to implement the majority of their computing resources in the cloud, as opposed to spending their precious IT budgets on staff and on premise solutions. With government agencies now required to use FedRAMP compliant solutions, many CSPs (Cloud Service Providers), Partners and ISVs are benefiting from one of the fastest-growing and lucrative markets they’ve seen in decades.

Dynamics CRM Pricing for FedRAMP Clouds



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