Project Hosts is the first CSP to become FedRAMP SaaS compliant, why should you care?

For months now, Project Hosts has been sharing information about the U.S. Government’s “Cloud First” initiative and FedRAMP while keeping ISVs, State and Federal agencies up-to-date on our certification process. We recently announced becoming FedRAMP Compliant at the SaaS-level and we are now ready to help others benefit from our extensive experience.

Why should you care? Well. “Project Hosts is the first Cloud Service Provider to have demonstrated compliance with the rev4 FedRAMP baseline,” said Matt Goodrich, FedRAMP Director, GSA. “Through the CSP supplied path, Project Hosts’ environment was assessed by a FedRAMP-accredited 3APO confirming the completion of the FedRAMP Security Assessment Framework, paving the way for Project Hosts’ customer to grant their Agency ATOs.”

Scott Chapman, our Co-Founder and expert in all things FedRAMP, will be available at Convergence 2015 to discuss the U.S. Government and State Government opportunities, and outline a process on how you can partner with Project Hosts to leverage this lucrative market opportunity.  You can request a meeting with Scott Chapman, our CEO and Co-Founder through Simply state your desire to sit with Scott in your email.

The following Microsoft-based applications and solutions are now available from Project Hosts in FedRAMP SaaS Compliant Private and Community Clouds:

CSP Hosted Solutions

  • Microsoft SharePoint FedRAMP SaaS Cloud
  • AvePoint Compliance Guardian (for Microsoft SharePoint) FedRAMP SaaS Cloud
  • AvePoint DocAve Software (for Microsoft SharePoint) FedRAMP SaaS Cloud
  • AvePoint DocAve Governance Automation (for Microsoft SharePoint) FedRAMP SaaS Cloud
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM FedRAMP SaaS Cloud
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server FedRAMP SaaS Cloud
  • Microsoft Project Server FedRAMP SaaS Cloud
  • Microsoft Virtual Desktop (with Microsoft Office) FedRAMP SaaS Cloud
  • BrightWork Online FedRAMP SaaS Cloud

Click for more information about these FedRAMP SaaS-level Private and Community Clouds.

FedRAMP Project Sever Custom Clouds

FedRAMP Dynamic CRM Custom Clouds

FedRAMP SharePoint Custom Clouds


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