Project Hosts’ FedRAMP Cloud Advantage Includes Month-2-Month Service Plans For Those Concerned About Long Term Commitments Or Vendor Lock-in


Federal agencies moving to the cloud are most interested in a handful of services: FedRAMP security compliance, deployment and implementation services, ongoing support and maintenance, reliability and integration with other services.  As of mid-year 2014, government agencies must choose a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and solutions that are FedRAMP authorized/compliant. For over 11 years, Project Hosts has delivered advanced cloud solutions for businesses and government agencies looking for highly secure, reliable, available and affordable online solutions.  Adding FedRAMP compliance to our competencies makes Project Hosts a great choice for state and federal government agencies moving to the cloud.

According to a recent report by MeriTalk, federal agencies are shying away from the long-term commitments that most CSPs offer.  A MeriTalk poll revealed that 53% of agencies polled are concerned about committing to a long-term contract. The average federal cloud contract is 3.6 years. More than half of those polled say that they are concerned about being locked into a contract with a vendor thus stalling their cloud adoption.

One of Project Hosts’ Cloud Advantages is our Business Flexibility.  As a CSP for government agencies, we don’t force customers into our way of doing business and long term commitments — you have the flexibility to choose which best suits your needs. We extend standard cloud business terms by offering a more flexible way of doing business:

  • Monthly or Annual Terms
  • Support for Customer/Partner Hosting Agreements
  • Changes to Project Hosts’ Agreements
  • Customer/Partner chooses when to upgrade system versions

If you are concerned about CSP vendor lock-in, give us a call or email.   We offer a variety of FedRAMP compliant solutions, including:

FedRAMP Project Sever Custom Clouds

FedRAMP Dynamic CRM Custom Clouds

FedRAMP SharePoint Custom Clouds


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