What exactly is a Hybrid Cloud and why should I care?

Hybrid_Art_101The Cloud Computing industry is a buzz with growing popularity of the Hybrid Cloud, leaving many to wonder just what this means to them and their cloud needs. There are those who define the Hybrid Cloud as a connection between an On-premise environment and a Public Cloud. While this is an accurate definition,
it does not cover all that a Hybrid Cloud is.

Gartner defines hybrid cloud computing service as a: “Cloud service that spans both private and public cloud implementations, or both on-premises private and off-premises private or public cloud implementations.” They go on to say, “A hybrid cloud service can, among other things, synchronize and/or replicate data between public and private clouds, and migrate services on a continuous basis between public and private clouds.”

Finding real world examples of the Hybrid Cloud helps to clarify it’s benefits. In a blog by Managing Vice President at Gartner, Milind Govekar, shares a few of the benefits and challenges of not only the Hybrid Cloud, but Cloud computing in general. Among the Hybrid benefits are: Scalability based on available on-premise capacity, Cost Efficiency and Disaster Recovery.

System360-Copyright-IBMWhile the idea of linking an on-premise environment  to a cloud environment is not new, the growing use of this tool is a reminder of the innovation in the industry. Today’s decision makers are an educated group who pride themselves on being in the “know” of their cloud computing options.  IT professionals must be careful to stay in front of such resources as the Hybrid Cloud, to prevent their company’s decision makers from moving around their trusted IT staff in doing what’s best for their bottom line.



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