Project Hosts Validated for Microsoft Government Cloud

NadellaToday at a small event in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the availability of the Microsoft Cloud for Government.  This cloud offering, built from the bottom up to serve US federal, state, and local government organizations includes Microsoft Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as a Service (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) offerings.  Access to the Government cloud is only being allowed to government organizations and a few dozen hand-picked partners like Project Hosts whose offerings have been validated by Microsoft to be highly valuable to government agencies.

FedRAMP Authorized SaaSAmong the many topics discussed by Mr. Nadella and other Microsoft executives was the importance of FedRAMP authorization, not only at the core infrastructure (IaaS) level, but all the way up to the software (SaaS) level.  Azure-G will soon achieve its FedRAMP authorization at the IaaS and PaaS level, covering about 25% of all FedRAMP security controls.  In January, Project Hosts’ Azure-based solutions will be fully authorized up to the SaaS level (100% of the FedRAMP security controls).  Among the applications fully FedRAMP authorized in this way through Project Hosts are Microsoft SharePoint, Project Server, CRM, TFS, AvePoint DocAve, Compliance Guardian, Governance Automation, BrightWork Projects, and Urban Turtle.

Mr. Nadella stressed the importance of a hybrid cloud approach in which private clouds, private partner hosted clouds (e.g. Project Hosts), and public clouds (e.g. Office 365) all work seamlessly together.  He thanked partners such as Project Hosts for making this possible while still complying with the strict federal FedRAMP security guidelines.

FedRAMP Project Sever Custom Clouds

FedRAMP Dynamic CRM Custom Clouds

FedRAMP SharePoint Custom Clouds


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