Project Hosts is recognized by CIO Review Magazine as one of the Top 20 Most Promising PPM Providers in the Marketplace

TOP20_CIOI’m very happy to announce that Project Hosts has been recognized by CIO Review magazine as a leader in providing Microsoft private and hybrid clouds.  We have received the prestigious honor of being recognized as one of the Top 20 Most Promising PPM Providers in the Marketplace. As quoted in the article: “Project Hosts provides solutions in partnership with many of their ecosystem of PPM partners who provide add-on applications to extend the capabilities of [Microsoft] Project Server in areas such as financial decision making, visual work-flow, large program management, ideation and organization or function-specific reporting. While lightweight versions of these partner’s applications are supported on [Microsoft] Public Clouds, the robust and complete versions are available only with Private Clouds, whether hosted by the customer or by a cloud service provider, like Project Hosts.”

The article also highlights one of Project Hosts’ PPM private cloud deployments with AutoTrader, a leading online resource for car shoppers. “Thanks to the flexibility of their (AutoTrader) Private Cloud, when AutoTrader wanted to move beyond just project status reporting, they were able to add in a financial forecasting tool that met AutoTrader’s growing needs and functional capabilities, something that would not have been possible in a Public Cloud.”

To read more case studies from customers using Project Hosts’ services, click here.

Attractive Businesswoman Holding Blank Placard. IsolatedAlso noted in the article was Project Hosts’ “in-process” FedRAMP Authorization status.  Scott Chapman, Project Hosts CEO and Co-Founder was quoted: “One of our initiatives is to supply Custom Clouds to the government sector. We are currently in the process of gaining FedRAMP authorization for our PPM, CRM and SharePoint environments. This will enable us to provide cloud solutions to departmental agencies that most comply with the U.S. government’s Cloud-First initiative and mandate to use only FedRAMP authorized cloud services providers.”

To learn more about our PPM Services and other services we offer, use the links below:

PPM Public Cloud and a Private PPM (Custom) Cloud comparison

CRM Public Cloud and a Private CRM (Custom) Cloud comparison

SharePoint Public Cloud and a Private SharePoint (Custom) Cloud comparison

Custom Cloud Advantages (Advantages of A Managed Private Cloud)


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