Just how do you choose the right Hosted Microsoft Project Server, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Cloud provider for your enterprise or government agency?

Leader_in_CCTo answer this question, you must first understand the difference between the various Cloud options. We will start with the Public Cloud. A Public cloud shares data center hardware, applications software  and operating systems with all other users. For small businesses and start ups, this low cost model may work well. I only say “may work well” because some start ups and small businesses are just as concerned with security, performance and customization as larger enterprises. Enter the Private Cloud option.

When considering a Private Cloud option, you’re essentially choosing a Dedicated Cloud option.  A Private Cloud is deployed in a manner that gives a customer their own virtual or physical dedicated infrastructure — meaning that the application and customer-associated data is stored and managed in its own space or place.  A Private Cloud with a physical dedicated infrastructure delivers the highest level of data security by placing it in its own physical space. In other words, on its own dedicated hardware, free of any other users or pool of shared resources.  Security is often at the forefront of the Public Cloud provider debate. Especially when considering Government applications and customer data. Project Hosts is now in the final stage of obtaining FedRAMP Authorization. This makes the decision far easier for Government Agencies.

publicvsprivate-cloud-oct2014While a high level of security is important to many businesses, application performance and customization are two other critical elements of the Public vs Private Cloud debate. I’ll address Cloud application performance and customization differences between Public and Private Clouds in an upcoming post.



You can review some of the Public vs Private Cloud differences at these links:

Project Management Private vs Public Cloud Differences

CRM Private vs Public Cloud Differences

SharePoint Private vs Public Cloud Differences


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