Department of Defense (DoD) Eyes Clouds For Future Application Deployments

"Cloud First" FedRAMP Authorization for Project Server, Dynamics CRM and SharePointIn an article by, The Department of Defense (DoD) has recently reported that they are changing their Cloud Computing Policy. The hope is that branches of the armed forces will have more say in choosing their service providers. While this is in line with the government’s new “Cloud First” Initiative, be advised, you can’t just pick any cloud. Click here for the full article.

According to former DoD CIO Terry Havorson, aside from the hurdle of convincing these owners of physical data to “Let go” of it, the military will have to manage the ever-present security concerns with all things government. Fortunately, the government has already solved the issue of secure cloud options with the FedRAMP authorization program, which includes over 300 specific security controls and continuous monitoring for cloud-based services. Project Hosts is in the final stages of this unique authorization, having recently reached “In Process” status.

Security_CloudOver the past year, Project Hosts has been moving through the FedRAMP Authorization process for CRM, Project Management and Collaborative SaaS solutions, assuring that we meet every requirement along the way. We are now in the very final stages in completing our FedRAMP authorization for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Project Server, and SharePoint, and are prepared to provide the DoD with the right cloud and services they require.

“By having a Project Server 2013 solution that is fully FedRAMP approved and recognized as FISMA / NIST standards compliant, we will be able to deliver Microsoft Project private cloud solutions to far more U.S. Government agencies and departments. A number of agencies have already approached us for hosting services, including the EPA  – taking advantage of our ten-year experience in hosted Project Server while knowing that our solutions will be FedRAMP authorized later this year.”  – Scott Chapman, CEO and Co-Founder, Project Hosts, Inc.

FedRAMP Project Sever Custom Clouds

FedRAMP Dynamic CRM Custom Clouds

FedRAMP SharePoint Custom Clouds


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