6 Advantages of a Hosted Microsoft Project PPM, CRM and SharePoint Private Cloud Solution

Project-Server2013-Custom-Cloud-BusinessmanHosted Cloud solutions have given individuals, enterprises and government agencies many benefits, such as the ability to access their important files from pretty much anywhere internet access is available. But today I’m going to share with you 6 Advantages of a Private Cloud, particularly for Microsoft Project Server, Dynamic CRM and SharePoint users.

1. Dedicated Solutions IT Architecture. With a Private Custom Cloud from Project Hosts, enterprise customers gain a secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud solution eliminating the need for an on-premise deployment that is managed by their in-house IT staff. Click here to read more.

2. Trusted Applications support and integration. With our Hosted Microsoft Project Server Private or Hybrid Cloud solutions, employees throughout your organization have immediate and secure access to critical information 24×7 and have a holistic solution that operates seamlessly with applications such as Outlook, Excel and Marketing Automation Systems. Click here to read more.

3. Specific Security Requirements. Private Custom Clouds extend the level of security beyond what typical Public Clouds offer, with variances based on a customer’s specific requirements. For example, some organizations require dedicated servers (virtual or physical servers), encryption of data at rest, access restrictions to limited IP ranges, custom password policies, and more.

4. Real Time Business Intelligence (BI) & Customization. For enterprises with a medium to large amount of project and resource data, the Public Cloud restriction to only access databases via OData will still mean that users will have to face very long wait times for reports to populate with new data. Enterprises that would like to use the full power of the leading BI tools on the market today can achieve this requirement by choosing a Private Cloud or a Hybrid Cloud configuration through Project Hosts and our partners.

P2P_CustomCloud_cntrd5. Customer Person-2-Person Support. In this age of automated self-help systems, community bulletin boards and FAQs, Project Hosts is proud to offer a unique Person-2-Person Support service. We have experienced engineers working around the clock to respond to your support requests quickly. The time required to resolve a support issue varies depending on the severity and nature of the issue.

6. Built in Business Flexibility. We don’t lock you into our way of doing business, you have the flexibility to choose the business model which best suits your needs. We have more flexible ways of doing business than public clouds. We extend standard public cloud business terms by offering, monthly or annual terms, support for customer/partner hosting agreements and customer/partner chooses when to upgrade system versions.

PPM Public Cloud and a Private PPM (Custom) Cloud comparison

CRM Public Cloud and a Private CRM (Custom) Cloud comparison

SharePoint Public Cloud and a Private SharePoint (Custom) Cloud comparison

Custom Cloud Advantages (Advantages of A Managed Private Cloud)


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