SSRS Report Enabler for Microsoft Project Online service integrates reporting for two cloud services

Project Online Free TrialReporting is a critical function for any Project Manager, whether their PPM is on-premise or in the cloud. When considering reporting in a public cloud environment such as Microsoft Project Online, for a long time, users have found that they simply could not. Thanks to Project Hosts and the SSRS Enabler, Project Online users have been able to create Business Intelligence (BI) reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Analysis Services (SSAS) in a completely seamless experience. Project Hosts takes its SSRS Cloud offering and integrates it with Microsoft Project Online, creating a Hybrid Cloud solution for Office 365 customers.

ssrs-custom-cloudThe SSRS Enabler is easy: Project Online users simply click and link and view SSRS through a single sign-in option. It’s affordable: a ready to run environment with two affordable plans, based on data size and the number of users requiring SSRS Reports. Perhaps the most important benefit of this service is how well supported it is. As a Project Hosts service, the SSRS Enabler is supported by our Person-2-Person customer support department. Real people vs FAQs and community web support.

An added benefit of the SSRS Enabler is the fact that SharePoint Online customers can also publish their reports. Many on-premise SharePoint users experienced frustration when moving into a public cloud environment when it came to their lack of reporting ability. Now reports created in report builder can be accessed using the SSRS Enabler provided by Project Hosts. Click here to learn more about Project Hosts’ SSRS Enabler and begin reporting again in a Hybrid Cloud environment.

“Who is Project Hosts and why are they a such a different type of hosting / cloud company – find out in this one-on-one interview from CEO/CFO Magazine and Scott Chapman.”

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