Which Cloud is right for you – a Private Custom Cloud or a Public Multi-Tenant Cloud for Microsoft Project?


Over the past decade, cloud computing has been on the rise. In 2011, 72% of CFOs noted that they were using cloud computing for improved business agility according to a BDO USA, LLP survey. With a steady increase in enterprises turning to the cloud, many might wonder whether they would benefit from a Public or Private cloud environment. The answer really depends on the company and their specific needs. Project Hosts provides Custom Cloud hosting of Microsoft applications. Instead of having a generic application deployed on shared servers, Project Hosts gives companies a more tailored application experience on their own private or dedicated cloud. Public Clouds, such as Project Online are shared multi-tenant clouds that do not support the degree of customization and security typically required by many enterprises. If you’re looking for business flexibility, application control and customization, specialized security policies, and real-time BI / reporting, you’re going to want the physical or virtual dedicated servers offered in our custom private cloud environment. Government agencies, Global 2000 and Fortune 500 enterprises typically require a more integrated solution for their applications and data.

publicvsprivate-cloud-oct2014An important reason why our customers choose our managed private cloud services over a standard public environment is our unique personal-approach to working with customers. Our Person-2-Person service gives customers direct, personal support as opposed to sending them to a community site or self-service automated FAQs. If something goes wrong, our customers have direct access to Project Hosts and our people. For over a decade Project Hosts has offered security, flexibility and integration in a way that a Public Cloud simply can not. To learn more about Project Hosts’ Custom Cloud, click here to take a Tour, Trial or Demo products

“There is tremendous demand for, and growth in cloud-based solutions because of the inherent economic advantages that all clouds provide. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of confusion about what different types of cloud architectures can and cannot do, and the level of customization and integration with other applications and data that is possible.”

– Scott Chapman

PPM Public Cloud and a Private PPM (Custom) Cloud comparison

CRM Public Cloud and a Private CRM (Custom) Cloud comparison

SharePoint Public Cloud and a Private SharePoint (Custom) Cloud comparison

Custom Cloud Advantages (Advantages of A Managed Private Cloud)


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