What exactly is a Project Server Private Cloud Solution?

CapGemini-CloudTypesFor over a decade Project Hosts has been assisting enterprise customers and government agencies with their private cloud hosted solutions. Today, Project Hosts’ cloud deployment, called “Custom Cloud,” give clients looking for a cloud-based project and portfolio management (PPM) system, a hosted Microsoft Project Server solution that delivers the advantages of both a private cloud and a public cloud.

When considering a cloud-based Microsoft Project solution, many customers believe that the only way to get a customized solution that delivers an optimal fit to their needs and business processes, is to build and host such a solution on-premise. This perception is reinforced by the fact that a “public cloud”, such as Project Online (a shared multi-tenant cloud), doesn’t support the degree of customization and security typically required by most enterprises. In reality, there are several Microsoft Project Server Cloud options available for enterprise clients seeking a solution that is highly tuned to their business; these include a partnered hosted “private cloud” and a “hybrid cloud”.

A private cloud is a cloud in which physical or virtual servers are dedicated to a single customer to facilitate a higher degree of customization through applications support and integration. Private clouds are not only cost effective and reliable, but can be implemented very quickly and typically results in more successful deployments. Like private clouds, hybrid clouds offer a high degree of integration with on-premise applications and data sources delivering a more business-tuned deployment.

project-server2013-custom-cloud-business-manPrivate clouds continue to be popular with enterprises and government agencies because they have such a high success rate. The key to a highly successful project and portfolio management (PPM) solution is that it must be intuitive for its users to facilitate quick adoption. This often means the solution must be integrated with industry or function specific PPM and-on applications. The range and scope of applications available for private clouds are far greater since private clouds support both “full-trust” and tightly integrated applications in addition to the lightweight and loosely coupled apps supported by standard public clouds.  The benefit of integration also includes the use of “hybrid clouds”; clouds structures where the organization manages some of its resources in-house and others through external service providers. Hybrid set-ups can also take the form of maintaining data both onsite and offsite, with a virtual private network providing a secure channel for pulling the two data sources together.



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