The IBM System/360 is 50 Years Old – Provided a Scalable Architecture; a Precursor to Today’s Inherent Cloud Value!

The IBM System/360 is 50 years old today, according to a LinkedIn post by IBM.  They even plan on having an event in New York tomorrow (April 8th) to celebrate this 1964 business computing breakthrough – more information about the System/360 event and live stream.


The System/360 was unique because it delivered a powerful (at that time), centralized computing platform that offered a scalable architecture.  This gave businesses the ability to buy in at one level, and then scale to a larger system when they needed it; without losing their (real) investment in applications development and business data.  Sound familiar?

Your Cloud, Your Way

Your Cloud, Your Way

It’s nice to see that over time, some things never change.  Today’s cloud computing platforms, like Project Hosts’ Custom Clouds for Microsoft Project Server, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM offer the same fundamental value.  Businesses can buy in at one level, and scale the environment and user base as needed.  The only difference between then and now is they don’t need to a make a massive investment in all the infrastructure or develop specific in-house IT expertise to configure, customize and maintain the application software.

Funny how some things never really change… except what we call it: I haven’t heard the word “timesharing” used in a long, long time.

And stay-tuned for an upcoming announcement about the 25th Anniversary of the Internet – also this year!



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