Business Intelligence Reporting in cloud-based Project Server 2013

Microsoft Project Server 2013 collects data that enable business executives and managers to make better decisions about their portfolio of projects. But these data are only useful if they can be presented in a way that is intuitive and actionable for the organization.

Image Credit: Gartner

Image Credit: Gartner

Fortunately, Microsoft is also a leader in Business Intelligence (BI) tools. In the Gartner 2013 BI Magic Quadrant, it is acknowledged that with the innovations of SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) along with PowerPivot and PowerView, Microsoft is at the head of the pack in its Ability to Execute. These powerful BI tools can be available to cloud-based Project Server 2013 deployments, but there are some restrictions.

Due to the power of these tools, shared cloud deployments of Project Server 2013 cannot support SSAS, SSRS, PowerPivot, or PowerView. For example, these tools are not available in Microsoft’s shared cloud offering: Project Online in Office 365. But Private Cloud deployments with dedicated servers can take advantage of these powerful tools. We recently posted a detailed description ofProject Hosts Custom Cloud the Project Server 2013 BI Packages available in a Project Hosts Custom Cloud deployment.

Microsoft will continue to lead in the BI space, and Private Clouds will be able to take advantage of that for hosted Project Server 2013 deployments.

Project Hosts offers both Project Server 2013 Free 7-Day Tours, and Project Server 2013 30-Day Trials of its PPM Custom Cloud solutions.


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