Project Server Hosting – On The Rise, In The Enterprise


Have a Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! We are now half way through 2013 and we can officially report that that our Project Server hosting (for both Project Server 2013 and 2010) continues to grow beyond our expectations. We’re delighted to see that the demand for our Custom Cloud solutions from Fortune 500, Global 2000 enterprise clients, and government agencies is exceedingly strong.

project-server2013-custom-cloud-business-manIt also appears that all Microsoft Project Clouds are “on-the-rise” – regardless of the type of cloud it is – Public or Private. Whether it’s Microsoft’s Public (shared multitenant) Project Online Cloud, our one of our Microsoft PPM Custom Clouds, the fact remains: Project Server hosting is something IT departments would rather have someone else do for them.

If you’d like to know more about our hosted Project Server solutions, here are a few of the most popular links on our website. Now in our 10th year, and the leader in custom & private cloud hosting for Microsoft PPM, CRM and SharePoint solutions, we’re happy to help or answer any questions:

Most Popular Project Server Hosting Links on our website:

1. Custom Cloud Advantages (overview of what’s customize-able)

2. Cloud Comparison (Project Online /O365 and PPM Custom Cloud)

3. Hosted Project Server 2013/2010 Pricing Configurator

4. Hosted Project Server 2103 Tours (Live 7 Day, Self-Guided Tour)


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