Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Gets Enterprise “Thumbs Up” With Oracle Support

The recent joint announcement from Microsoft and Oracle confirms one thing – that it’s all about the “enterprise cloud era.”   The announcement, found here, states that “we are together extending our work to cover private cloud and public cloud through a new strategic partnership between Microsoft and Oracle. This partnership will help customers embrace cloud computing by improving flexibility and choice while also preserving the first-class support that these workloads demand.”

windows-azure-cloudA key element of this strategy centers around Microsoft’s Azure platform – and this announcement provides yet another validation point that Azure is fast becoming the “enterprise standard” IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform. That’s why Project Hosts is leveraging the Azure platform for its Custom Cloud deployments of Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management solutions built on SharePoint and Project Server 2013.  With Azure, Project Hosts can deliver high performance, and highly scalable, dedicated virtual windows servers for its PPM, CRM and SharePoint Custom Clouds.

Another interesting element of this announcement is their commitment to improve support for hybrid-hosting solutions that integrate both Oracle Linux and Microsoft Windows server platforms.  This will further enable integration of our Project Hosts’ Custom Cloud solutions with existing Oracle-based enterprise environments. Similarly, support for the Oracle database and applications ecosystem on Windows Server and Azure platforms provides another enterprise solution set available to customers and partners.

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