Microsoft EPM, CRM and SharePoint Hosting in Canada

Project Hosts Launches Custom Clouds in Canada

Project Hosts Launches Custom Clouds in Canada

Project Hosts has just brought its 8th data center on line – this time out of Toronto, Canada.  With the “light-up” of this latest data center, we can now offer our custom cloud hosting services to Canadian-based partners, enterprise organizations, and government agencies that require “in-country” hosting.  You can read the full press release at this link.

Canadian customers in the government sector, as well as enterprises that are considering hosting Microsoft EPM, CRM or SharePoint from their own on-site private cloud, now have another option.  With an in-country Custom Cloud from Project Hosts, Canadian customers get all the advantages of a traditional on-site solution, but without all the extra capital expense, IT staff allocation and training, and support and maintenance burdens.

And, as always, our “Custom Cloud” hosting solutions deliver all the business and technology benefits of a “Standard Cloud”, but with the added advantage of meeting a customer’s demands for:  their specific solutions IT architecture, applications integration needs, security requirements, and custom real-time reporting.  You can read more about our Custom Clouds here.


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