Microsoft 2012 WPC… Forecast is Cloud Computing!

We live in exciting times, and this year’s Microsoft Partner Conference 2012 was no exception. Last week I attended the WPC 2012 in Toronto and was inundated with partner meetings and get-togethers which shared one common theme — cloud computing, well actually, “custom cloud” computing.
As the foremost leader in deploying custom cloud solutions for Microsoft PPM, EPM, Project Server, SharePoint and CRM solutions we (Project Hosts) are in high-demand. My takeaway from the event: that partner interest in our custom-cloud solutions has never been stronger and is driven by the customer demand for cloud-based solutions. Customers have been reporting that with a Project Hosts’ custom cloud, they cut deployment times by one-half, while also cutting ongoing operating cost by one-half, as compared to similarly configured on-premise solutions.

What’s a custom cloud? It’s a specially configured and hosted PPM, EPM, SharePoint or CRM solution based on our Custom Cloud Architecture™ (CCA). When combined with an application from our eco-system of certified MSFT partners, customers gain access to their very own custom-cloud, and do not have to sacrifice their solutions (IT) architecture, application integration needs, or special security requirements.

Scott Chapman
President, Project Hosts


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